YYH Music Battle 1 Cover

Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Hen 1 Front Album Scan

Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Hen 1 was released on August 20, 1993 at Japan. The First Edition was released by Media Remoras INC., Japan. The Second Edition was released by Pony Canyon. INC,. Japan. Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Hen 1 is the second album that was released right after Yu Yu Hakusho Original Soundtrack 1.

Track ListsEdit

There are 13 songs in Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Hen 1 album, including :

  1. Opening
  2. Kiki! by Yusuke Urameshi (Nozomu Sasaki)
  3. Murder March (Toguro Playing Guitar)

    Yu Yu Hakusho Music Battle Hen 1 Back Album Scan

  4. Kurayami ni Akai Bara ~Romantic Soldier~ by Kurama (Ogata Megumi)
  5. Daisan no Me (Hiei playing Guitar)
  6. Otoko no Junjoo by Kazuma Kuwabara (Chiba Shigeru)
  7. Fire! by Yusuke Urameshi (Nozomu Sasaki)
  8. YELL by Keiko Yukimura (Amano Yuri)
  9. Hold Out! by Keiko Yukimura, Botan, Yukina (Amano Yuri, Miyuki Sanae, Shiratori Yuri)
  10. Battle Power
  11. Kokoro wo Tsunaide by Yusuke Urameshi (Nozomu Sasaki)
  12. Mienai Mirai E
  13. Sayonara Bye Bye by Mawatari Matsuko.


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