Picture Drama

The stage

Yu Yu Hakusho: Picture Drama
After the Demon Tournament....
         In a dark room Kuwabara told Yusuke and Kurama come in the room.  The room lighted up and the backround was like a stage.


 Kuwabara: Yo,over here. Come on in. 
 Yusuke: Wha-. What's going on?!
 Kurama: What in the world is this?
Kuwabara: Hello everybody! How are you doing?!
Yusuke: So you don't have anything important to say?
Kuwabara: This is important. I was asked to do something for Enki,the Demon World Tournament Winner.
Yusuke: Huh?
 Kuwabara: I was aked to make a voice recording. To create harmony between Humans and Demon World.And      also to gather funds.
Kurama: But why us?
Kuwabara: I don't know why but you guys are the most popular in both the Demon and Human Worlds.
Yusuke: I-s Is that so?!
Kuwabara: Yeah, It is. Yoday were gonna record a message for a wake up clock and a lullaby.Since this is a public recording, might as well put some spirit into it. CAN YOU SEE ME YUKINA?!
Yusuke: Keiko and Botan...  Even Koenma is there.
Kurama: We can't even back out if we even want to, eh?
 Yusuke: The tournament winner's orders are absolute. Dammit! I'll make sure I win next time!
Kuwabara: Oh don't be nervous. First i will show you how to do it.
Th (2)

Kuwabara saying his record

Kurama: Please.

Kuwabara: First is the Morning greeting....(inhales)

   Kuwabara Morning Record: Good Morning. I am so happy to your lovely face again...
Yusuke: This guy is easy to figure to whom he is greeting.
 Kurama: Yes
Kuwabara: Alright,next is the evening greeting...(inhales)
   Kuwabara Evening Record: I, Kuwabara kazuma will be your knight for this evening. Sweet Dreams, My Princess.
Th (3)

Evening greeting

Yukina gets embarrased

 Crowd gets bored.
Yusuke: You don't know any thing.
I'll do it. I
Drama 23

Yusuke wake up call

just need to wake them up right..
              Yusuke's Morning Record
                     HEY! IT'S MORNING, WAKE UP!
                   IF YOU DON'T I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!

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