• Garuga
  • Yasha
Yasha (やしゃ) was the true villain of the first Yu Yu Hakusho movie. He pretends to be a henchman for Koashura, named Garuga. In actuality, he wanted the seal for himself and betrays Koashura, by tossing him cliffside, and leaving his "boss" to die. After kidnapping the son of King Enma, he demands that the Golden Seal be brought to Magma Valley by sunset for Koenma's return. He has reflector on his chest in both forms that can reflect projectiles like the Spirit Gun, Yusuke defeated him in his true form, Yasha, by sealing the reflector on his chest using the magma.  He is voiced by Dougary Grant in English and Takeshi Aono in Japanese.  Christopher Ayres voices him in the remastered FUNimation English dub.

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