• Wolborg

    Ability to Fly

    March 22, 2010 by Wolborg

    At first, I kind of thought that the ability to fly in Yu Yu Hakusho would only be possessed by demons such as Jin, you know, people who are able to manipulate wind.

    However, in the Demon World Tournament, not only did I find out that flying isn't only a Wind Master's power, but there are others who can do it better than them! Souketsu, one of Raizen's old friends beat Jin in a "race" to the sky. And not only that, Jin did not even know that Souketsu had even taken flight! "That's the Wind Manipulator's tragic flaw. You cannot exceed the speed of the wind itself."

    So I suppose that means that Jin isn't able to fly faster than the speed of the wind.

    But, that leaves the question, how did Souketsu fly? And not only that, Shuu, another of Raizen…

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