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    I know I'm one of many fan out there who wish that Yu Yu Hakusho could get a video game release on the newer generations of systems. I also know many fans in at least the United States wish to at least get a GOOD YYH games for once, since we didn't get Yu Yu Hakusho Forever. So If I had my say on who I'd want to be playable in this game, which would be a fighter, this is who I'd choose to be in it:

    Spirit Dectective Saga

    - Yusuke (Base, Spirit Cuffs Unlocked, Demon)

    - Kuwabara (Base, Trial Sword, Dimension Sword)

    - Hiei (Base, Jagan Form, Dragon Absorbed)

    - Kurama (Base, Yoko Kurama)

    - Genkai (Old, Young, Masked Fighter)

    - Gouki (Base, Demon)

    - Kibano

    - Musashi

    - Rando (Shorin, True Form)

    - Genbu

    - Byakko

    - Seiryu

    - Suzaku

    - Miyuki

    - Gokumonki

    - Inmaki

    - El…

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