Hehe. Since I'm new here, I'm still learning for a bit how this wiki works. Well, I think I'll begin the first topic... And It's general topic that asked by lot of YYH fans. What are your favorite character? (one hero and one villain please + Reason). And since I still don't get it for 100%, feel free to tell me that I have to edit it if there are some mistakes ;D

Ok. Start by myself :

Hero : Yusuke Urameshi

Reason : Urm... Well, Basically... I like his techniques, Spirit Gun, Spirit Shotgun, and Spirit Cuffs. And yeah, He seems encourage and inspire me how to care each other and make a good relation with others. And about his look, well, I think he's perfect for anything. And that's the way I think about him.

Villain : younger toguro

Reason : Urm... I'm impressed with his power, and The thing that I remember for sure, I and my brother had been defeated for almost well, not remember for sure 15 times(?) when I played YYH game for the first time. Anyway, Things that I can say that His power is awesome. And I don't think (just my opinion), He's not completely evil :|

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