Does anyone have a favorite minor antagonist in the series that is not the main antagonist of an arc? (Thus no YoungerToguro, Sensui, or the Kings). Multiple characters if possible. Any enemy from before the dark tournament (other than Toguro) would count, becuase it was a much smaller scale then. Also, try to avoid the six reformed demons or Genkai's three students, I'm trying to see if you liked any of the characters that were minor enemies in the dark tournament like Gama or Risho (Even high ranking enemies who weren't the main villain like Karasu and Itsuki would count), though I guess enemies in the Sensui saga other than the Dark Angel count as well.

Zeru - this guy always seemed really badass to me, he had a variety of interesting ways to manipulate flames, and even though Hiei could control flames as well, he didn't seem redundant, as Hiei would almost always use the far more powerful Makai flames. His seemingly reserved yet confident hot blooded personality was cool (yes he became extremely scared at the DotDF, but wouldn't you be?). I would have preferred if he was the surviving member, rather than Rinku, mostly because of how I can't stand that brat (though I will admit his abilities are kind of creative).

M1, M2, M3 - I've always found these three interesting characters not only because of their sympathetic backstory, but their abilities as well. It's like they have their own spirit energy equivalents to actual weapons (like Yusuke-gun and Kuwabara -sword, spear, flyswatter etc etc), with M1 having Chakrams, M2 a staff, and M3...a...bomb...claw...I guess? Though the battle vs ichigaki dragged a little, I found the characters themselves likeable in their plight and their willingness to die, yet the brutal efficiency they fought with was cool as well. I wished they made more appearances after the dark tournament.

Sakyo - there are some characters who are so evil, they come across as likable or interesting. Sakyo's lack of interest in human life, and wanting to create chaos despite wearing that nice suit and that calm, confident smile, made him an interesting bad guy. Despite his lack of honor, his pride as a gambler made him stay true to his words. Rarely do I find dishonorable character showing honorable moments to make sense, but in this case it did to me, as a gambler he was risking everything. His interest in Shizuru gave him some humanity in an otherwise complete monster (though the fact that she still wants to be with him and isn't horrified by him after Sakyo reveals his dark past to Koenma doesn't make much sense to me), and I actually liked her interactions with him.

So who are yours?

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