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    Does anyone have a favorite minor antagonist in the series that is not the main antagonist of an arc? (Thus no YoungerToguro, Sensui, or the Kings). Multiple characters if possible. Any enemy from before the dark tournament (other than Toguro) would count, becuase it was a much smaller scale then. Also, try to avoid the six reformed demons or Genkai's three students, I'm trying to see if you liked any of the characters that were minor enemies in the dark tournament like Gama or Risho (Even high ranking enemies who weren't the main villain like Karasu and Itsuki would count), though I guess enemies in the Sensui saga other than the Dark Angel count as well.

    Zeru - this guy always seemed really badass to me, he had a variety of interesting wa…

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    Worst character

    April 16, 2011 by BlazingKusanagi

    So, who do you think is the most annoying/worst character in the series?

    Mine might be Rinku because his voice is annoying (and unconvincing) and how out of place he seems with the rest of the ally demons in terms of appearance and abillities. Also, DUB Yukina, as while i liked her in the manga and Jap anime as an antithesis to the typical evil, corrupt demon (she wasn't evil at any point, unlike the reformed Kurama), but in a series where the dubbed main cast had stellar voice acting, she stood out like a sore thumb (i hate how her bored sounding voice ruined the scene in which she begs Hiei to not kill Tarukane)

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    April 15, 2011 by BlazingKusanagi

    If YYH would continue, would you want it too?

    Personally, I don't

    It was great, and it was short (for big name shonen series standards). All the seasons seemed to play a role in the overall series, with filler arcs removed in the anime (another reason why i prefer the anime). Any extra seasons would seem extraneous

    If there is any continuation, maybe a movie (maybe showing Koenma taking over Spirit World like in the manga against his father) or an epilogue episode that showed what happened to everybody, once Yusuke came back (after Eizou).

    However, an entire series would not be something I look forward to. I mean there probably would be some contrived reason why humans and demons would have to fight again.

    I mean, look how Hunter x Hunter turne…

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