Power level

Touou is one of the many followers of Toshin Raizen and a fellow monk of Hokushin & Seitei. Other than Hokushin, he & Seitei were likely the strongest of Raizen's men. He possesses upper A-Class energy.

He is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki in the Japanese version and by Travis Willingham in the English dub.


Touou is a very haughty and impatient person, in opposition to Seitei who is calm and patient.


Touou dresses in the same monk garb as Hokushin and Seitei. He has a striking lower jaw and was the tallest of the 3 monks who came to see Yusuke Urameshi. Because of Seitei's striking resemblance to Hokushin, this made Touou stand out.


Raizen sent Hokushin, Seitei & Touou to ask Yusuke Urameshi, Raizen's descendant, to fight for him in Demon World since he was dying of anorexia. He sternly asked Kuroko Sanada to stand aside when they had entered her home without permission. After Yusuke sensed their low energy despite Hokushin saying they were A & S class demons, Touou was annoyed that Yusuke had implied that they were weak. Hokushin goes on to tell Yusuke of the situation in Demon World. After Yusuke doesn't believe their story and wants to fight Hokushin, he witnesses the fight along with Seitei. He tries to get in on the fight after Yusuke makes more snide remarks. After the fight, he returns to Demon World to retrieve Yusuke in a week. When Yusuke comes earlier due to the efforts of the SDF, he and Hokushin retrieve him and take him to Raizen's kingdom. He spars with Yusuke up until Raizen's death. He then participates in the Demon World Tournament, where he loses to Hokushin in the preliminaries. After the tournament & at the end of the series, he trains with the other monks to await the day Yusuke returns.