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Team Rokuyakai


Team Rokuyakai

Team Rokuyukai (六妖怪, Roku Youkai, lit. Six Wandering Specters) are a group of demon fighters who participated in the Dark Tournament, facing off against Team Urameshi in the event's first round. Their name in Japanese, "Roku Youkai" translates to "The Six Demons". They're called this because the team has six members instead of the usual five, meaning before every match they have to play "Rock Paper Scissors" to determine who gets to fight and who is that round's "Substitute". It's for this reason that the true leader of the Team, Chu, is initially counted as the team substitute until the final match after killing two members for cowardice. They are called Team Jolly Devil Six in the Viz manga.

They appear to have been sponsored by a member of the Black Black Club named Suzeko Gondawara (権田原助造, Gondawara Sukezo), or Gondawara in the English dub.

This team doesn't have a theme, but Gondawara implies that all of its members are lower class (society not power level) demons who are trying to make a name for themselves.


Chu: the team's leader, a punk-looking demon with a drunk master-type demeanor;

Zeru: the team's second-in-command, a boastful human-like pyrokinetic demon;

Roto: an imp-like demon with nasty appearance and a dishonest personality;

Rinku: a child-like demon who behaves and fights in very childish ways;

Gaou: a demon with appearance similar to an African-American muscled man;

Imajin: a hippie-esque demon, who looks very similar to John Lennon - and his name refers to the most famous song of the

Imajin and Gaou


Both Gaou and Imajin appeared to be competent fighters, until the death of Zeru caused them to flee, revealing themselves to be cowards who stuck with the strong, only to be killed by Chu (beaten to death in the anime, beheaded in the manga), the team's true leader.


Rinku vs. Kuwabara - Winner Rinku

Roto vs. Kurama - Winner Kurama

Zeru vs. Hiei - Winner Hiei

Chu vs. Yusuke - Winner Yusuke


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