While heading to the home of a bitter, elderly man, whose death is imminent, Botan and Yusuke spot a "tanuki" who are, as Botan explains, rarely seen in the city. Upon being seen, Botan talks to it, much to Yusuke's bewilderment, and it is revealed that it had once been saved by the elderly man and his grandson.

After inquiring about the old man's grandson, and learning that he'd died in an accident, the tanuki transformed into him, and insisted on repaying the old man for his deed. Yusuke, however, insisted that it had no chance as the old man was no longer the kindly gentleman he used to be. 

For the next 5 nights, the tanuki decided to return his kindness under the masquerade of his grandson, taking care of him at night, and leaving food in the morning, moments before his death so his soul could move on. The disguise had a limit until sunrise so the tanuki could not stay with him as it would reveal himself.

On the 5th night, the old man knew his death was imminent and requested that his "grandson" spend his last night with him before he passed on. When the tanuki had revealed himself during sunrise, it was revealed that the old man could tell it was the tanuki as he could see it's tail (normally invisible, but not to those close to death), but for the tanuki's sake he played along. The elderly man then thanked him for comforting him and was able to pass on to the next world. The tanuki was last seen mourning the old man's death.

This chapter can be seen in Volume 1 of the manga, but was not included in the anime as it focused more on the main plot.

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