Why is everyone's fighting style gettning a name? Because I would hardly call Touya a sniper. He merely understood that even binded as he was, Kurama was still incredibly dangerous and he'd rather not risk getting close, thus he attacked from a distance. That doesn't make him a sniper at all, or even a long range fighter for that matter. -Wolborg-

In the beginning I just added fighting styles to better describe how they fight, to be a little more descriptive. While I don't belive it is that necessary for them to have names since im just describing fighting styles, But since Hiei Jaganshi began adding names to the fighting styles to Hiei and kuwabara's pages. i only began adding the names to them just for the sake of consistency. In the one major battle he had, that was the strategy that he focused on attacking from a range, and as he did that because he viewed Kurama as dangerous, is reasonable to assume that that is how he normally fights if he views his opponent as dangerous.

Right, BlazingKusanagi added the fighting styles so I feel the names should be his call, ultimately. We don't necessarily need the names, I just felt it added a sense of completion to the sections. More important than names is the "Fighting Style" subheading we've added. Wolborg, feel free to edit Toya's "Deadly Sniper" if you feel it's inaccurate or unneeded.Hiei Unbalanced Kiss Hiei_Jaganshi Yusuke5 (talk) 19:41, April 16, 2011 (UTC)

I wasn't suggesting any of them be taken off, mind, I was just curious. I do think it gives a decent description of how the characters normally behave in battle. My true point was indeed the naming of Touya's fighting style. Regardless, I feel "sniper" isn't an accurate term is all.

I think the best way to describe it is to say that he is initially defensive, focusing on long range tactics, and once he views his opponent as weak enough he closes in with a finishing blow. You can't deny he is a long range fighter, withh only closing in for finishing blows. He even tried this strategy against Kujou, (while he did begin with his sword out likely to defend against Kujou's assault), as he froze Kujou from far away, and once he viewed his opponent as helpless, he then closed in (unfortunately for Touya, he wasnt)

While the  character has such an explicit impression, I took the honor in finding the translation "A Demon" means De-The & mon-Money in West Ghana. I was unsure while viewing just who would've ever thought the "hair" would be blue & green! Cool description but change the hair color and texture!Edit

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