Taiyou Ga Mata Kagayaku Toki is the fourth ending song of the Yu Yu Hakusho Anime. It was sung by Takahashi Hiro.



When my letter reaches you
Please don't break the seal
Just wait a little while
Give it time to heal

And I believe you'll understand
Just exactly how I feel
This is my last and my most loving request

With a restless innocence
Our hearts began to race
With one thing on our minds
We foolishly embraced

And now as twilight closes in
I see you from a distant place
And I wish for you all the courage that you'll ever need
To be your best

And although it storms and it's raining outside
All the people of the city still believe in the existance of the sun
And a forgotten melody
And the birds in our hands
A life without pain
Is a life without joy, without fun!


Tegami ga todoitara Fuu wo Kira Zuni

Sotto simmatte oite to ki ga ta te ba

bokunoi manoki mochi kitto wakaru hazusa

saisho de saigo no onegayi

Yasashiku nareru hodo tsuyoku mo nakute

Hitamuki ni oroka ni dakishimeatta ne

Tasogare semaru koro koko wo sarusen akani

tooku no mado kara yuukino Yawo iru o yo

Sotoo wa ane ga Mada ya mazuni

nurete'ru hitiobito to machi ga sore demo taiyou shinjite'ru

Furui Merodi nijimu Shiruetto

yawana ikizama jato totemo eninwanar anai ne


YouTube - -Yu Yu Hakusho Ending 4--Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki01:28

YouTube - -Yu Yu Hakusho Ending 4--Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki.flv-0

Ending in Anime

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