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Suzuki's Challenge ("Matōka Suzuki no Momosen" (魔闘家·鈴木の挑戦!) ) is the twenty-fifth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on October 2, 1993 in Japan and May 12, 2003 in the United States.


In the previous match against Team Uraotogi, Genkai overwhelmed Shishiwakamaru, a demon with many tricks and specialties, but mainly a thirst for power and recognition. Meanwhile, Yusuke recovers from the torturous absorption of Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb with Keiko outside the new stadium, which promises to give him unfathomable power. Yusuke's team has claimed their spot in the Dark Tournament's final round.

After Shishiwakamaru's defeat, Onji was the only member left on Uraotogi team. Kuwabara had been once again chosen to fight by dice throwning, but Onji defeated him easily. The next Urameshi's Team member selected to fight was Genkai, who says to Onji stop pretending to be an old man and shows who he actually is. Then Onji says the reason he disguised himself as an old one was because he hates aged people. And then he shows to everyone on the stadium his true identity: Suzuki, a narcissist demon with a jester appearence. Before starting the battle he tells to the audience his goal in case of his victory: Kill all old people and everyone who stands against him.

As the fight starts, he attacks Genkai with his move Rainbow Cyclone (レインボーサイクロン, Reinbō Saikuron) which doesn't affect Genkai at all. Then, enraged, he performs the move Body of Steel Muscle Explosion (爆肉鋼体, Bakuniku Kōtai), increasing his physical strength, but Genkai still defeats and humiliates him easily, almost killing him.

At the end of the episode the members of Urameshi's Team and the girls comment about their victory. Genkai leaves the group and meets Younger Toguro, who says he wishes to talk with her later. Genkai agrees and she leaves.


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