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Spirit Warriors


Spirit Warriors

Team Spirit Warriors (魔界狂戦士, Makai Kyosenshi, translated as Demon Realm Crazed Warrior Team) called Team Baal's Berserkers in the English manga, were a team of large demons that participate in the Dark Tournament. Their leader, Topaz, had ambitions of killing Yusuke Urameshi, but was single-handedly defeated by Younger Toguro along with the rest of his team. In the anime, they also had a sixth member named Rugby, who was killed by Topaz for trying to kill Yusuke before he himself had the opportunity to do so in the ring. Their specialty appeared to be the overwhelming strength of their weapons and size, in addition to their immense Yoki to enhance their physical strength; in fact, almost all the members of this team possess a weapon of some sort. Rugby, the 6th anime-only member possesses a football-like weapon made of spirit energy.


Topaz - Leader (Deceased)

Rugby - 6th member. The second representative of the Spirit Warriors in Tournament Tactics (Anime-Only) (Deceased)

Dosukoi - Deceased- a sumo like fighter who dies at the hands of Younger Toguro

Gorilla (translates to "Gorira") - Deceased- a hammer wielding larger fighter who dies at the hands of Younger Toguro. He has shoulder length hair in the anime, but slicked back hair and a moustache in the manga.

Babaki - Deceased- A fish-faced, giant fighter wielding a trident who dies at the hands of Younger Toguro. One of the first bosses in Tournament Tactics.

Gagaki - Deceased- a huge one horned giant wielding a huge mace who dies at the hands of Younger Toguro.


  • In the original Japanese version, they are called the "Demon Realm Crazed Warrior Team", the dub name is attributed to the huge amount of Yoki each member possesses.
  • Each of the team's name is either a tough material or subject, Dosukoi means "Sumo Exclamation", Gorilla is a powerful ape, Rugby is a name of a famous football player, Topaz is a tough mineral, Gagaki and Babaki respectively mean "Shit" and "Rugged."
  • Dosukoi may be a reference to Capcom's Street Fighter Character E. Honda. They both share similarities in their appearance, their fighting style, and their personality.
  • The manga is rather inconsistent to how the fighters died. For example, Gorilla was beheaded in the manga, but when Toguro was shown as the winner, his corpse is bisected, or split in two.
  • Dosukoi is an exclamation used by sumo wrestlers when performing their moves. It is also the name used by a member of the Spirit Warriors Team in the Dark Tournament.


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