Shouta (正太, Shōta) is a character from the manga version of the first part of the Spirit Detective saga and is omitted from the anime[1].

During his time as a ghost Yusuke Urameshi saw Shouta mourning Jirou, his dog, wishing for him not to die. Unfortunately, Jirou died while Shouta was at school. After this event he became really sad that his dog was dead and closed himself off from everyone and refused to go to school. Yusuke then concocted a plan to make Shouta stronger. By entering Shouta's dream, Yusuke portrayed himself as a demon that would punish Jirou's spirit as long Shouta continues to mourn for him. This shock treatment helped Shouta overcome his depression and after this event it allowed Shouta to stand up to the bullies that taunted him.

Shouta makes a reappearance in a later chapter. It is shown that he has befriended the bullies who had tormented him. However, he has become a playmate/victim of Sayaka. Because the ghost was so lonely, she attempted to go to Heaven with him as her companion. However, without a proper Spirit Guide, they would have become lost, without being able to go to Heaven or Hell. Fortunately, Yusuke and Botan were able to stop the two.


  • His features closely resembles to that of Nobita from the popular manga Doraemon . Also notice the similarities between Shouta's friends and Nobita's friends Takeshi and Suneo.


  1. Yu Yu Hakusho Manga Vol. 1 Chapter 4

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