Shogo Sato


Human (Psychic)
Kuroko Sanada (Wife)
Fubuki Sato (Daughter)
Kaisei Sato (Son)

Shogo Sato is the husband of Kuroko Sanada, the first Spirit Detective, and the father of Kaisei and Fubuki. He was voiced by Ken Shiroyama in the original Japanese version. In the Filipino Dub of the anime, he was renamed as Luis and was voiced by Neil Yu.


Shogo is a tall slender man, with brown hair. He is seen wearing a green sweater over a pink shirt. He has stubble on his chin and wears glasses.

Personality Edit

He has a light-hearted timid nature. He would much rather drink tea then alcohol. He also seems to joke around with his children often.


Shogo is first seen greeting Yusuke, welcoming him to his home and offering him some tea.

Abilities Edit

Palm reading

Shogo reading Yusuke's palm.

Shogo seems to be a normal human being, other than his ability to read peoples palms. Its unknown if he knew about this ability before meeting Kuroko, or if she helped him develop it.

He has stated himself, that he isn't a fighter and would rather lead a peaceful life.

  • Palm Reading

He has the ability to read palms, predicting the future of whom he is reading.