Power level
S-Class Demon

Shachi (鯱 Shachi) is a Lower S Class demon who was a former General of Yomi's army before he was killed by Kurama.

He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji in the Japanese version and by Chris Forbis in the English dub.


Shachi is shown to be loyal to his king. He is shown to have a hatred for Kurama, as he usually disagrees with Kurama's ideas and opinions. He claims that his distrust of Kurama is out of love for his country; while this does seem to be true to some level, he mostly seems to be jealous of the attention Yomi gives to Kurama. He also believes that fighting can solve any sort of problem.

He is also willing to use underhanded tactics to get things done, such as placing a parasite demon in Kurama's brother so he would be forced to stay in the human world.


Not much is known about Shachi's past other than that he eventually became the General of Yomi's army.

Three Kings SagaEdit


Shachi is defeated

When Kurama is invited to Yomi's kingdom Shachi doesn't think much of him, and becomes angry when Kurama states that each Makai General is worthless because of the power of the Three Kings. He even goes so far as to have a parasite demon spy on Yomi and Kurama's conversations, then shows envy at the way Yomi treats Kurama and his opinions. Shachi then sends the same demon to the human world to take control of Kurama's brother. This way, Kurama will be forced to stay in the human world, and Shachi will win Yomi over again. When Kurama is given Shachi's title of General of Yomi's entire army, Shachi tries to kill Kurama. He puts up a good fight but is easily killed when Kurama transforms into Yoko Kurama and cuts him with his rose whip.


  • In the 161st Chapter of the manga, Shachi's Youki level is stated to be 37,800.
  • Conversely, in Episode 102 of the Anime, Youda states that Shachi's youki level is even higher than any of Kurama's squad. This would make Shachi's youki in excess of 123,000.


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