Power level

Seitei (西帝, Seitei), known as Seizan (西山, Seizan) in the manga, is a follower of Toshin Raizen and a monk companion of Hokushin & Touou. Other than Hokushin, he & Touou were likely the strongest of Raizen's men. He possesses upper A-Class demon energy. He was voiced by Eiji Itō in the original Japanese version and by Michael Terry in the English dub.


Seitei is a very calm and patient person, in opposition to Touou who is haughty and impatient.


Seitei dresses in the same monk garb as Hokushin and Touou & is almost always seen with his eyes closed, making him look virtually like Hokushin except with closed eyes.


Raizen sent Hokushin, Seitei & Touou to ask Yusuke Urameshi, Raizen's descendant, to fight for him in Demon World since he was dying of anorexia. While Hokushin explained the situation in Demon World & how Raizen, Mukuro & Yomi had been at a standstill for 500 years, Seitei explained this happened because "they grounded their abilities in patience and caution." He also explains that the reasons for why Raizen is not eating (and essentially dying) are unknown. After Yusuke doesn't believe their story and wants to fight Hokushin, he witnesses the fight along with Touou. After the fight, he returns to Demon World. He then participates in the Demon World Tournament, where he loses to Hokushin in the preliminaries. After the tournament & at the end of the series, he trains with the other monks to await the day Yusuke returns.