Sarayashiki Jr. High

Sarayashiki Jr. High is the school which Keiko, Kuwabara, and occasionally Yusuke attend. It is the setting for parts of the sagas of YuYu Hakusho. The delinquents in this school are rivals of delinquents in Kasanegafuchi Jr. High.



  • Unnamed: was "convinced" by Atsuko to allow Yusuke back to school


  • Unnamed Obese Woman


  • Botan (claims to be one)
  • Misako - only appearing in the anime, she was possessed by Yusuke to beat up some punks from a rival junior high. Once Yusuke left her body, she started screaming for help
  • Misako's friend - gasped in horror as her friend chased after the thugs
  • Handsome Boy - asks Keiko out, only to be turned down, much to his shock

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