Voice Actors
Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)
Jerry Jewell (English)

Sakamoto was a human who was possessed by an imp demon and influenced into performing evil deeds.


Sakamoto was not particularly physically imposing. With his thin rimmed glasses and slight build, he did not look particularly intimidating. This made sense because he could not fight well and was easily beaten down. Still, his physical appearance greatly belied how corrupt he had become.


Spirit Detective SagaEdit

A demon imp named Jyaki entered Sakamoto's conscience. Under its influence, the boy had his gang kidnap Kazuma Kuwabara's kitten, Eikitchi, in order to blackmail him into stealing some manga books to "feel how emotive is to be a petty thief". Since Kuwabara actually bought the mangas instead of stealing them (thus breaking the demand), Sakamoto then told Kuwabara to beat up his own friends until he felt satisfied - with one of his cronies threatening to harm Eikitchi in order to ensure Kuwabara's total compliance (by putting out a lit cigarrette in the kitten's eyes in the manga, or stabbing her with a broken bottle in the anime). Fortunately, the newly-resurrected Yusuke showed up to end that absurd situation. While Kuwabara and his friends rescued the kitten and dealt with the rest of the gang, Yusuke pursued and knocked Sakamoto unconscious with a single punch. The demon imp possessing him tried to escape but was apprehended.