English Name
Japanese Name
Demon (Netherworld Deity)

Raigo was Yakumo's right hand man, and one of the Meikai Gods. He is voiced by Peter Patrikios in English. He is called Boris in the Filipino dub.


After the Meikai Gods are revealed, he is often seen at the side of his master. He sought to take care of the Urameshi team, and he was the final foe before they faced Yakumo. When he revealed he was one of the pair that attacked Genkai and Yukina, Kuwabara rushed at him recklessly only to be tripped by Hiei, who said he would face off against him. He demonstrated control over a flame like energy which could strengthen his punches, and he could summon a blade of energy to counter Hiei's sword. His Jagan eye was the most impressive however: it was just like Hiei's, but it allowed him to create instantaneous explosions and control people much faster than Hiei's Jagan could, by bringing out their evil nature. When he cast his hypnotic spell on Hiei, Hiei seemed to succumb to it and revealed his Jaganshi form; unknown to him, Hiei's dramatic display of fading "ambivalence" towards the forced transformation was just an act, so that he could buy time to conjure the Dragons from Makai. His overconfidence in his hypnotic abilities was his downfall as he is consumed by Hiei's multiple Black Dragons.

Techniques Edit

  • Teleportation: Raigo like Yakumo has shown the ability to teleport.
  • Jagan Eye: Raigo like Hiei has a jagan eye though unlike Hiei his is not artificial because he can close it at will.


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