Psychics are an anime-only term that originates from the english dub of FUNimation it generally referes to a human who has either obtained or been granted supernatural powers.


The term psychic is to define a human who possesses super natural powers and has the ability to use Spirit Energy (or Demon Energy in some cases) amongst other things. Additionally this term only exists in the English anime dub, as the manga and Japanese version of the anime does not use any term to define humans with supernatural powers. The known psychics in the English anime were either fighters like Genkai, who gained such abilities through severe martial arts training, people born with unnaturally high spiritual awareness like the Kuwabara siblings, or people who gained their powers as a result of the Sensui Seven's Gatekeeper opening the Makai Barrier.

List of Known PsychicsEdit

Genkai claims around 30 people from Mushiyori city visited her after the door to the demon world entered its early stages.


The psychics who gained their abilities through the door to the demon world can only use their abilities within an area known as their territory, which is often a radius of varying length around the psychic.

  • Kaito has a 10 meter radius
  • Doctor's is 100 cubic meters, the size of the hospital
  • Gourmet's is inside his own body
  • Yana's seems to be his body (he can only transform his own body, his body glows when he uses his power)
  • Sniper has a 500 meter radius (over 500 yards, as stated by Genkai, in the English dub)
  • Murota's is stated in the manga to have a 30 mile radius, making his the largest known territory, despite the fact that he has no control over his power.


  • It is not explained if other humans with special powers are technically psychics as well excluding the ones that Rando was mentioned to have killed. This is considering the fact that Kuwabara and his sister Shizuru were born with the ability to possess supernatural senses to sense anything related to the Spirit World, and that Kuwabara later gained the ability to refine his ability to create his Spirit Sword, an ability that only he can use. In the English dub, Kuwabara is in fact referred to as a powerful psychic, or "the one", by Seaman during his battle with him in which his ability to cut through dimensions is awakened while trying to free his friends.


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