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Power levels are determined by how much strength, stamina, energy and potential a character has. They are determined by the amounts of Rei-Ki or Youki a person has. They are first introduced during Genkai's Tournament via the Punching Machine and shown again in the Three Kings Saga where they are read using devices exclusive to Yomi's kingdom. The items used in Genkai's test different aspects of a person's Rei-ki. Her punching machine shows the person's Rei hitting power/attack power while the karaoke determines the amount of Rei-ki they possess. Yomi's devices are specifically designed for use on demons and give a total power based on the total of their stamina, offensive power, special abilities and defensive power. it is interesting to note that fighters of a much lower power level can defeat a stronger oppenent, Hokushin and Kurama are perfect examples. Hokushin who defeated Shishiwakamaru, a Middle S Class Demon with a youki of over 100,000. Kurama who was low S class demon deafeated Shigure, a middle S class demon.

List of Power levelsEdit

Punch Power

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