Nekotama facing Yusuke

Nekotama is a very powerful and very tall, cat-like demon. He makes it past the preliminary rounds of the Demon World Tournament, and is matched against Yusuke in the first round. He is called Nekobaba in the manga.


Nekotama has the appearance of a typical cat, except he is able to walk upright and has stripes somewhat reminiscent of those on Byakko, the tiger. His fur is light purple with darker shades of purple comprising the stripes. He wears dark green pants and a red belt. His facial features include piercing yellow eyes, and distinguished ears.


In the manga he is only shown being defeated.

In the anime, however, the whole fight is shown. He begins by releasing his demon energy which takes on a blueish color when it leaves his body. He uses a technique that allows him to increase the size of his entire body to an extreme unparalleled in the series. He also can lengthen his claws. Still he is quickly defeated by Yusuke.

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