Mystic Whistle

The Mystic Whistle (イタコ笛 , itako fue, literally translated as Itako Whistle) is item number 4 of the Spirit Detective tool kit. The name is a pun, given that the term itako is usually written as いたこ.[1]


Chapter Black SagaEdit

Botan uses this device in order to try and find Hiei after Yusuke gets kidnapped.[2]


This device is something of a dog whistle for demons/apparitions, emitting a soundwave that only their kind can hear. The stronger the Spirit Energy of the person who blows into it, the louder the noise it makes. Also, the stronger a demon's energy, the louder the sound is.[3]

Botan claims to be capable of making this peculiar sound wave travel at least sixty miles, and describes it as "rather annoying," in her words.[4]


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