Mr. Yukimura

Mr. Yukimura is a chef/restauranteur and owner of the Yukimura diner.  He is the father of Keiko.


He is the owner and operator of a restaurant and he is seen in a chef's hat and uniform during the little time he is seen in the manga and anime. He has black hair and he is a little short tempered.


Mr. Yukimura does not have much of a part in the series. He owns a restaurant and his family, Keiko included, live on the second floor. It should be noted, however, that he is shown to be supportive of Keiko and Yusuke's relationship and approves of Yusuke. In the anime, when Yusuke's ghost asks after Keiko while in the guise of Kuwabara, Mr. Yukimura gets defensive of the "deceased" Urameshi and speaks as if he were a member of the family. Subsequently, in a twist of comedic irony, he forcibly removes Yusuke from the diner.

He is later seen again in the Three Kings Saga, when Yusuke enters his diner before proposing to Keiko, to which Mr. Yukimura recalls Yusuke has done numerous times.


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