Mr. Akashi



Mr. Akashi (明石?) was a teacher at Sarayashiki Junior High. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the English dub and Ikuo Nishikawa in the Japanese dub.


Akashi is a skinny man with brown hair, squinty brown eyes and large buckteeth. As his appearance is to his behavior, Akashi's features are rat-like. Like most teachers, he is usually seen wearing suit and necktie - his are purple blazer, red necktie and light blue pants.


Mr. Akashi is a cowardly, nasty and unpleasant man who makes as much trouble for Yusuke and his friends as he can, much like his comrade Mr. Iwamoto.


Shortly after Yusuke's death, he tells Kuwabara to not fight for a week and get above the failing score on the next test. On both, he tries catching Kuwabara fighting and changing the scores just to make him fail; only to be caught by surprise when Kuwabara actually lets the punks who show up to fight him and beat him up, and caught by the principal of the school. He is not shown at all in the later episodes, implying he was fired from his position.


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