Midorenjya (魅土連邪?) was a member of Team Gorenja. He was killed by Karasu in the Semi-Finals of the Dark Tournament.

He is voiced by Takehiro Koyama in the Japanese version and by Ed Blaylock in the English dub.


Midorenjya has green skin and he looks appears to be a goblin-like creature. He has a green outfit and a belt with a green G on it.


He is very cocky and doesn't like it when people look down on him. However, when faced with the prospect of death, Midorenjya would run from battle to save his own skin, a trait Karasu disliked and had him killed for.

Synopsis Edit

Midorenjya was a member of Team Gorenjya, facing Team Toguro in the semi-finals of the Dark Tournament. He fought against Karasu bravely, but unsuccessfully. That's when Midorenjya realized that he fears death, and begs for mercy, then tries to flee. Karasu gracefully and easily blew Midorenjya to pieces with a simple touch.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Vlcsnap-2011-03-26-21h08m08s214

    Acid Blast.

    Acid Blast: During his fight with Karasu, Midorenjya showed the ability to, by focusing his youki, create sickly green orbs of energy, a combination of demon energy and acid, that were able to melt away anything they touched even as they were being summoned. It is also possible to assume it is foul smelling as everyone in the arena save Karasu, complained about the smell, one demon even claimed "It's melting my nose hairs." It is speculated that the putrid odor the technique produces serves as a distraction to his opponents.


  • Midorenjya's name translates to "Sat with wicked charm", and is a pun on "Green (Midori) Ranger".



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