Maze Castle

Maze Castle Edit

Territory of the Four Saint Beasts.

First appears in Episode 14, "The Four Holy Beasts in the Labyrinthine Castle!"


A castle in Demon City surrounded by mountains. It has a demonic interior design. Has multiple levels of floors covered in all sorts of traps. Each Floor is guarded by a Saint Beast to prevent intruders from progressing further in their territory.

Inside the Castle Edit

Eye Bat's guard the first floor, which is equipped with spike traps on the ceiling that slowly descend down once someone pulls a lever.

Decorations inside maze castle

Genbu guards the second floor which holds an empty room with nothing but stone, which caters to his ability.

Byakko is on the outer top floor with a bridge that connects two towers.

Seiryu is in a room with pillars.

Suzaku resigns at the very top in the throne room with Murugu.

Residents Edit


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