M5 (M-5号, M-5-Gou) was a demon and a member of Team Ichigaki during the Dark Tournament Saga. He was voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in the Japanese version and by Sonny Strait in the English version.


He appeared to be a younger demon, with blonde hair, tanned skin and a muscular body. He had leopard like spots all over his long tail and sharp claws.


Dark Tournament SagaEdit

He made his debut alongside the rest of his Team prior to facing Team Urameshi. Later before the start of the match, he alongside M4 confronted Hiei and Kurama in a nearby forest, however after his partner was killed by the duo, he activated Dr. Ichigaki's Gatasubal, allowing it to do the fighting for him. Eventually the two were able to defeat it and him, and tortured him into revealing information about Mitamura. When the two demons arrived at the arena with Gatasubal, M5 was last seen being thrown across the ring, his fate unknown.

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