Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama ("The Legendary Thief! Yoko Kurama! // Densetsu no Tōsoku! Yōko Kurama" (伝説の盗賊! 妖狐·蔵馬) ) is the twenty-second episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on September 11, 1993 in Japan and May 7, 2003 in the United States.


Uraurashima has confined the ring with a peripheral space made of his fishing line; he unleashes smoke that makes everyone age reverse, thereby growing younger. However, this only transforms Kurama to his original and far stronger form, which is the fox demon, Yoko Kurama. Uraurashima finds himself in big trouble as Kurama calls forth a Death Tree and tries to find the real motivations for Uraurashima's team's participation in the tournament. Meanwhile, Yusuke continues to struggle with the absorption of the Spirit Wave Orb. Will he survive?

Full RecapEdit

With both Ura Urashima and the newly transformed Yoko Kurama trapped in the ring, the true battle begins. Yoko finally shows himself, and unleashes an attack known as the Death Tree, a very powerful plant with several mouthes all with acidic saliva. The pain of this plant is so intense that every second of agony feels like its own eternity. Yoko Kurama demands that Ura Urashima tell him the secret of the Idunn Box. Ura says he doesn't know, and that he only joined Team Uratogi because Shishiwakamaru promised him riches. Yoko knows he's lying, and threatens to kill him. Ura finally starts telling the truth. He says that he's not even Ura Urashima,and both Kuro Momotaro and Makintaro weren't who they seemed either. That they were together when Shishi and Onji showed up, and he's about to say something else when a sword flies into the ring, and hits Ura, changing into a wolf-like creature. As the smoke clears, we see that it was Shishi that threw the sword. Juri then declares Kurama the winner. Shortly after the smoke clears, Kurama turns back into his regular form. The teams both roll their dice, and for Team Uraotogi, it's none other than the captain Shishiwakamaru. For Team Urameshi, it's a free space. Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara then start fighting over who should go. They decide to settle it with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Kuwabara wins, but Hiei says he unfolded his hand later than he and Kurama. Kuwabara complains and says how could he know, and Hiei's ever-creepy Jagan Eye glows. They play another game, and Kuwabara wins again. Meanwhile, Yusuke is still tortured by Genkai's Spirit Wave Orb absorbtion test, but after Puu becomes endangered, Yusuke finally absorbs the orb, and saves him.


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