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Kuwabara's Spirit Sword ("Death Battle in the Dark! Kuwabara's Reiki Sword // Kurayami no Shitō! Kuwabara Reiki no Ken" 暗闇の死闘! 桑原·霊気の剣) is the tenth episode of season 1 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on December 12, 1992 in Japan and April 27, 2002 in the United States.


The eight qualified fighters then competed in the final round where they will match up against each other. The catch, however, is that they will fight in the dark. The first match was between Kuwabara and a ninja named Musashi. Musashi was a samurai expert, and needless to say he beats the crap out of Kuwabara. But at one point Kuwabara uses brute strength making Musashi's sword break in half. Enraged, Musashi attacks Kuwabara, but suddenly out of desperation his spiritual powers form in the broken sword he is holding and unleashes his special technique - the Rei Ken (spiritual sword) which knocks out Musashi for good as Kuwabara advances to the semi-finals. Then two more pair of fighters met up with each other, with the winners advancing to the semi-finals, namely Shourin and Kazemaru.

During the break Koenma reminds Yusuke that his job wasn't done, as he has to find Randou and prevent him from gaining Genkai's power. Then out of nowhere a familiar face comes in for Yusuke... its Botan! Botan then says she will help Yusuke find the person (or demon) he was looking for. Kuwabara notices Yusuke talking to a cute girl and, being the playboy that he is, breaks in and asks Botan for a date (eh) as Genkai calls in the competitors for the next bout.

The next match was between Yusuke and the guy who scored 175 points in the punching machine challenge - Kibano. Genkai, seeing how overconfident Yusuke is, throws a lit cigarette in front of his face and barely misses him and as it rolls into the darkness. Kibano then wears a strange helmet and together with Yusuke they enter the darkness where they would fight. However as they start their battle, Kibano easily gains the upper hand and almost sees everywhere Yusuke moves in the dark. Kibano easily beats up Yusuke, much to his shock. A concerned Botan and Kuwabara cheers on Yusuke, as he tries to counterattack with his devastating punches... but only hits air. Kibano again nails Yusuke hard and brings him down. Kibano then explains that the helmet he is wearing is a night vision gagdet, and he can see his every move in the dark, making him in a one-way situation in the battle. Yusuke gasps for air as the episode ends.


  • This marks Kuwabara's first use of the Spirit Sword


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