Kuwabara's Dad

Volume 19, page 63 (source: Spectrum Nexus.)

Kuwabara's father is the father of Kazuma and Shizuru Kuwabara and he only appears in the final volume of the manga. He resembles a much older Kuwabara with sunglasses, a ponytail, and a cigarette. He seems much more cheerful, reserved, and laid-back compared to his son. As in the manga, Genkai has passed on, Yusuke set it up so that Yukina would be living in the Kuwabara household, to which Mr. Kuwabara agreed. He seems to have some knowledge of the different worlds as he comments "Spirit World finally grew a set" (much to the shock of his son), but it is unknown if he is a psychic like his children. He tells the Spirit Detectives (minus Hiei) that multicultural understanding and communication will allow peace to exist between the Human and Demon worlds. He tells Kuwabara that even though Yukina is pretty, as she is a demon, she will be a victim of prejudice, and that he needs to stand up for her and protect her.

He is also one of the few people to call Kuwabara by his given name (for obvious reasons). He is 194 cm tall.

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