Yoko Kurama (partner in crime)

Kuronue was a bat demon, thief and a former accomplice of Yoko Kurama. He appeared in YuYu Hakusho The Movie: Poltergeist Report as a prominent disguise used by Kaiki. He is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka in the Japanese version. He is voiced by Eric Stuart in English.


During an escape from a theft the two bandits pulled together at the palace of Demon World, Kuronue's pendant's string was somehow cut and the pendant fell to the ground below. Kuronue went back for it since it was important to him, while Yoko tried to stop him, telling him that it wasn't important enough to go back for. After picking it up, Kuronue was pierced several times throughout his body by shoots of bamboo. Before he bled to death, Yoko tried to rescue him, but at Kuronue's behest and pleading, Yoko ran to save himself.


Poltergeist Report 

Kuronue and Kurama

Yoko Kurama running with Kuronue

Kurama goes to one of the 5 Spiritual Energy sites to prevent the Meikai Gods from unsealing it. Kaiki, disguised as Kuronue, opposes Kurama after he tries to seal the site. Playing on Kurama's disbelief and bewilderment, Kaiki slices Kurama and destroys the site. Kaiki suggests that it was Yoko who cut Kuronue's pendant and made him fall into the trap that killed him and left him there to die.

Later, Kurama claims that that is not true, and that Kuronue told Yoko to save himself. A fight starts between them when the gang approaches Yakumo's new territory, and during this fight Kuronue throws his pendant aside. Kurama realizes that the true Kuronue would never just throw it away, especially after he lost his life to get it back. Kurama deduces that he is not the true Kuronue and reveals Kaiki in his real body. Kurama kills Kaiki in anger, with a forest of bamboo shoots, a play on symbolism as to how Kuronue died. After the battle is over, Kurama mourns for Kuronue one last time, and Hiei tries to instill some comfort in him by saying "A person who does not carry scars on their heart, is a shallow soul".

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