Kurama's Stand ("A Desperate Kurama! Bodypaint of Death // Kurama Muzan! Shi no Keshō" (蔵馬無惨! 死の化粧) ) is the thirteenth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on July 10, 1993 in Japan and April 24, 2003 in the United States.


With Kurama's arms and legs still tethered down by Gama's first curse, and his energy sealed inside him, Kurama is forced to take on his next opponent. Touya, the Shinobi master of ice, is the next fighter for Team Masho. Will Kurama be able to pull out another victory, with "The Makeup of Chains" and "The Makeup of the Seal" still enacted?

Full RecapEdit

Okay, brief recap to what happened last episode: Kurama has just had his arms and legs frozen, but used his spirit energy through his hair when he used the rose whip to slice Gama apart. And like in the last episode, Gama tries to hit Kurama through his wounds, splattering his blood all over him. Right before he dies, Gama tells Kurama that his blood has sealed his spirit energy. Uh-oh. To make matters worse, the next member, Touya is ready to fight and avenge his dead teammate. Touya attacks just as Gama's first spell wears off, allowing him to move, but with his energy still sealed, he's still in a bad situation. Kurama spends all of the time trying to keep himself from getting killed by Touya's attacks, namely Touya's powerful ice attack "Shards of Winter." Kurama realizes that he can access his own energy through his blood. Sadly, he soon also finds that to release enough energy to defeat Touya he would have to bleed himself dry. Eventually, he forms a plan to defeat Touya, and gets himself cut on purpose by Touya's Ice Sword to plant one of his death plant seeds inside his own body right so it can manifest as a weapon. Right as Touya as is about to deliver a death blow, Kurama's death plant finally sprouts, and he has it slice right through Touya, ending the fight. A defeated Touya asks Kurama to kill him, but he refuses. But the battle has taken its toll on our fox-demon in disguise, and his severe injuries cause him to fall unconscious right in the center of the stage. Yusuke wants to fight next since he knows Kurama can't fight now, but Team Masho's owner once again bribes the committee, and they rule that since Kurama is still standing, he must participate in the next match. And even worse, the next fighter is Baken, a huge, muscle-bound brute. Baken then grabs Kurama and begins to beat him to death. To be continued...


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