Members of the Koorime race

Koorime (氷女, kōrime), or Ice-Apparition are the race of ice maidens that live on the floating island Hyouga. They live in isolation and forbid males in their society, as they believe males will cause disaster. They have incredibly long life spans and give birth to a single child every hundred years through immaculate conception. These children are always girls who grow to look like their mothers, unless the mother has sexual relations with a male. Yukina, Rui and Hina are the only named members of the race.

Trivia Edit

  • It's been said Ice Apparitions that have male children are often killed by them as they always take after the father's personality traits. (When the chapter explaining this fact is shown in Shonen Jump, it is changed to say that they don't survive the birthing instead.) This is proven in the anime, as Hina was still alive when Hiei was cast out, but committed suicide in grief, leaving Yukina to Rui.
  • Hiei has stated that it's like their hearts are frozen over. For this reason, he went against wiping them out as they were already dead inside.
  • Some fans have been speculating whether or not Kuwabara and Yukina can have a child.