Kuwabara's gang. Left to right: Sawamura/Komada, Okubo and Kirishima/Miyamoto.

These three boys are Kazuma Kuwabara's best friends, who are always hanging by with him. They are:

Sawamura/Komada (沢村, Sawamura/Komada) is one of Kuwabara's friends. He seems to be the group second-in-command, as he always takes a leadership role during Kuwabara's absences. He sports a shaved hairstyle. He attempts to save Keiko Yukimura along with Kirishima and Okubo when she was harassed by students from a rival school, but is defeated. Along with his friends, he is also defeated by a team of Half Breed Demons who claim to have come form that rival school in an attempt to create a gang war between them. Yusuke and Kuwabara avenge them in both occasions.

Kirishima/Miyamoto (桐島, Kirishima/Miyamoto), is one of the members of Kuwabara's gang, who presumably had been in many street fights just like Kuwabara himself. Kirishima has his dirty-blonde hair styled into numerous frilled bangs. Kirishima is very loyal to Kuwabara and has his back in any situation such as the instance when Kuwabara's kitten, Eikitchi, is kidnapped by an evil-possessed human.

Okubo (大久保, Ōkubo) is a tough but somewhat obese street kid with black hair and his hair styled in the 1950s greaser style of Kuwabara's. Okubo is the most sympathetic of the group, as despite being a school delinquent he works hard for the sake of his family. He seems to be the weakest of the group, as Kuwabara describes him as rarely hitting and usually getting beat up (though he may have been lying for Okubo's sake), but he is shown successfully headlocking an opponent after Eikitchi was saved in the manga.

All three friends of Kuwabara's Gang are currently allies of Yusuke Urameshi and However, they're also Yusuke's friends and they gain Good amounts of Respect for him.

All three friends were attacked by Kiyoshi Mitarai along with Kuwabara during the early season 3, but was Saved by Kuwabara. When the Three boys went to Yusuke's apartment and told Kurama about what happened and what Seaman did to them, The Trio's memories on that incident were completely removed by Kurama. So, Kirishima, Komada and Okubo won't be burdened with them and went Home and then, Yusuke avenged Kuwabara's Gang for Seaman.