Koashura, as he appears in the movie.

Koashura (こあしゅら Koashura) was the "villain" of the first Yu Yu Hakusho movie who stole Koenma's seal. He was betrayed by his underling, Yasha. After Yasha is killed, he reveals he didn't want to hurt anyone, and only wanted revenge against Koenma for breaking the present he wanted to give to his crush, as well as taking her away from him. Annoyed, Kuwabara smacks him for all the trouble he's caused, and he breaks into tears.   

He is voiced by Julie Maddalena in English and Rica Matsumoto in Japanese. In the remastered FUNimation English dub, he is voiced by Greg Ayres.  

He has two more henchmen, who are killed by Hiei and Kurama.

Trivia Edit

  • His name means "Little Asura", just like how Koenma's name means "Little Enma".

Gallery Edit

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