Knife Edge Death-Match ("Knife Edge Death Match" (ナイフエッジデスマッチ) ) is the seventh episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on May 29, 1993 in Japan and April 16, 2003 in the United States.


The fight continues with both Yusuke and Chu completely drained of their energy. Chu proposes they end the fight with a Knife-Edge Deathmatch, and after Yusuke eagerly agrees despite not knowing what the deathmatch entails they wait for a decision from the tournament committee. While waiting for approval, Chu proceeds to explain the rules of the deathmatch: the two will fight to the death with their fists after placing their feet in front of knives stabbed into the ground. Rinku seems confident Chu will win, while Team Urameshi remains more neutral with the exception of Kuwabara who seems completely clueless. The committee wavers on the decision, but eventually allows the match into play.

The weather takes an ominous and foreboding turn as the match gets underway and both competitors begin to pummel the life out of each other with heavy punches. Everyone watches in suspense and admiration as Chu and Yusuke exchange impressive flurries of body blows and uppercuts. Meanwhile, an enigmatic demon makes his first appearance of the series in the halls of the stadium, leaving the security guards smoldering on the concrete. His name is revealed to be Karasu, and he is a member of the favorites Team Toguro. Keiko gets worried about Yusuke and leaves the stands crying, and Shizuru follows but loses her and is ganged up on by numerous low class demons. Fortunately for her, Sakyo diverts her path and rescues her from a gruesome fate.

Keiko reappears on the arena floor and confronts Kuwabara about why he isn't helping Yusuke, who has flashbacks of Toguro. He explains to her about how they got trapped into fighting at the Dark Tournament and that as a team, they want to be there fighting to settle things once and for all. Keiko then understands as she sees the exhileration on Yusuke's face as he trades blows with Chu. The two then end the fight with a double headbutt, Chu's trademark, and it seems the stronger head will prevail. Chu goes down and Koto counts him out. After the match, he tells Yusuke to finish him off in accordance with terms of the match. However, Yusuke refuses, telling him they'll fight again when he's better. The two show how honorable they are through this exchange and the Urameshi team wins the round!

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