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Kirishima (桐島, Kirishima) is a friend of Kuwabara's, an ally of Yusuke Urameshi and a member of his gang.


Kirishima had brown hair and brown eyes wears the same color school uniform of the other members of his gang. Kirishima is one of the few characters whose appearance changed drastically in the anime. However In the manga, Kirishima is a bishonen with somewhat fairer (presumably blond) hair, making him stand out from the other members of Kuwabara's gang, while in the anime he is given a relatively generic appearance with a simpler face and messier hair. He is the tallest of Kuwabara's gang members.


Strangely, in the manga, when Kuwabara's gang first appeared in the manga, Okubo and Sawamura appeared, but Kirishima was strangely absent (though there were a few generic members who never appeared again).

Kirishima is not frequently featured in the series, but when he is, he is portrayed as being very loyal to and respectful of Kuwabara. He seems to be the most impulsive and reckless, and is annoyed or excited much more easily than the others. Along with the rest of his gang, he attempts to save Keiko from rival gangsters, but was knocked out by their leader in the ensuing street brawl. He was also badly injured by a group of half breed demons in the manga who were masquerading as members of a rival school (while also impersonating Yusuke and Kuwabara). In both cases, Yusuke and Kuwabara avenge their defeats.

He seems to be the most intelligent member of Kuwabara's gang, though not by much (He received a 50 on his chemistry test while the others received far lower scores, Sawamura at 48, Okubo at 39, Yusuke at 12, and Kuwabara at 7). Kirishima was also able to (somewhat) correctly guess that Kuwabara was depressed due to the fact that he was "dumped" by a girl (Yukina had gone back to Koorime). Along with the rest of his gang, he was attacked by Mitarai, but his memories of the event were erased, so they wouldn't be burdened with it by the Darker Truths and then Sent Miyamoto, Okubo and Komada home.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • In the English version of the anime and the Trading Card Game dub, Kirishima was named as "Miyamoto", while Sawamura was named as "Komada".


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