Kirenjya (鬼連邪?) was a member of Team Gorenja. He is killed by Bui in the Semi-Finals of the Dark Tournament.

He is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki in the Japanese version and Chris Forbis in the Funimation dub.



He has brown spiky hair and one eye. He wears white pants and a white long sleeve shirt with a yellow cape like thing over the shirt. He also has a belt with a yellow Y on it.


Dark Tournament SagaEdit

Kirenjya's Death

Bui pulverizes Kirenjya with his axe.

Kirenjya fought against Bui in the Dark Tournament Semi-Finals. Though he was initially surprised at the immense size of Bui's axe, he deduced that he had the upper-hand, because the axe's weight was so massive Bui would have a hard time swinging it around. In order to make sure if Bui swung, he'd miss, Kirenjya eased his way up close to Bui. To Kirenjya's dismay however, Bui's strength was so immense that he swung the axe as if it were light as a feather and sliced Kirenjya in half, before he could even think of reacting.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kirenjya's fighting style revolves around getting clean swipes with his sword to finish a fight as quickly as possible. For him, this means beheading the opponent, as all of his victories in the Dark Tournament have been decapitations. When presented with a challenge though, he weighs his options, but still centers his new strategy around getting the quick kill.


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