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Kazemaru (風丸, translates as wind circle) is a ninja who secretly escorts VIPs, but eventually decides to compete in Genkai's tournament in the hopes of becoming her apprentice.  He is voiced by Mike McFarland in the FUNimation English dub and Mitsuaki Madono in Japanese.


He has a Buddhist manji symbol tattooed on the middle of his forehead, which to most people would appear to be a swastika. He is bald and wears iron armor under his red ninja outfit (装束, shōzoku, literally translated as costume).


Kazemaru defeated Kuroda in the first round of Genkai's tournament. He then went on to compete against Yusuke. Kazemaru wielded a version of the Spirit Gun that was more powerful than Yusuke's own. This attack was expelled from his entire palm. Yusuke was still able to defeat him, due in large part to luck and quick thinking, and advance into the finals against Shorin.


Kazemaru was ruthless in battle, but still abided by a strong set of principles. He was very honorable.


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    Massive Discharge

    Massive Discharge (霊気砲, Rei Ki Hō, literally translated as Spirit Energy Cannon): Kazemaru is able to fire reiki blasts out of his whole palm in a manner similar to the Spirit Wave. Unlike the ranged version of the Spirit Wave however, which is weaker than the regular Spirit Wave, this technique, although similar in appearance, is even stronger than the Spirit Gun.
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    Spirit Shuriken

    Ninja Throwing Stars: Kazemaru is able to use his Spirit Energy to create shuriken that follow their target relentlessly until they hit. As the tips are loaded with gunpowder, they explode violently on impact.


  • Kazemaru is a terrible singer, but his singing shows off his tremendous amount of spirit energy.
  • In the show's edited version (which aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block), Kazemaru's Buddhist manji symbol is removed due to its resemblance to the Nazi party Hakenkreuz and its negative connotations in the western world.
  • Kazemaru means "wind circle".
  • In Togashi's other manga series, Hunter x Hunter, the character Hanzo who appears in the Hunter Exam arc of the series is reminescent of Kazemaru. They are both bald and have fought the main characters before.(Hanzo with Gon and Kazemaru with Yusuke.)
  • Kazemaru's Spirit Energy Cannon might be a weaker form of the Spirit Wave techinque mastered by Yusuke.[1]
  • Kazemaru appears as a character in the Yu Yu Hakusho Trading Card Game but his Buddhist manji symbol was edited out for the same reasons it was on Toonami.


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