Kaisei Sato


Kuroko Sanada (Mother)
Shogo Sato (Father)
Fubuki Sato (Sister)
Yusuke Urameshi (Ally/Friend)
Anime debut
Episode 95

Kaisei Sato is the son of Kuroko Sanada, one of the first Spirit Detectives. He was voiced by Urara Takano in the original Japanese version.


Kaisei is a young boy, with long brown hair and blue eyes. He was seen wearing a yellow jacket with a red collared shirt underneath, and black jeans.

Personality Edit

Despite his age, he has a very protective and courageous personality when it comes to defending his mother, but also has the proper behavior for his age.

Synopsis Edit

He appears with his sister to attack Yusuke Urameshi when it enters the vicinity of his home when he confuses him with a demon seeking revenge against his mother. He and his sister try to team up and take on Yusuke, but his abilities and experience prove too much, as he toys with them. Together with his sister, they try to combined their spirit energy and attack, but immediately stop when they hear their mother.

Abilities Edit


Kaisei attacking with his sister

Much like his sister, he is quite strong for his age. He already knows how to control the flow of his spirit energy and presumably how to emit it as well.

He seems to know the fundamentals of martial arts, as shown when he attacks Yusuke. It's seems he and his sister have formed multiple attack patterns when dealing with enemies. Another testament to his strength, is that their home is riddled with demon skeletons all throughout their property, something their mother said they did themselves.

  • Twin Dragon Blast:

This is one of the strongest abilities that he and his sister possess. This can be done by combining their spirit energy together to form a sphere shaped projectile to fire at their target.