Jyaki (邪鬼) is the first demon Yusuke apprehends in his career as a spirit detective. He is a mischievouse little imp with blue skin, yellow eyes, purple hair, and two tiny horns. He has five previous convictions and is able to take control of other's minds and influence their dark side into committing evil deeds. When he does this for the sixth time, to Sakamoto, Yusuke manages to beat Sakamoto up and force Jyaki out, leading to his apprehension.

In chapter 170 of the manga, Kurama states that many D-Class demons were captured and brainwashed into doing evil deeds so that the Spirit World could step in as the Human World's protectors. Of those brainwashed demons, after they were arrested by Spirit World, they were executed. This could include Jyaki as well.


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