Jin, the Wind Master is the fifteenth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on July 24, 1993 in Japan and April 28, 2003 in the United States.


It starts with Jin in the air, using his wind to fly. Jin goes on the offensive, and Yusuke is unable to defend from these aerial assaults. Yusuke tries a couple of strategies to counter Jin's attacks, especially the wind master's Tornado Fists, but he is unsuccessful. Finally, both fighters decided to go all out and really start trying. Jin creates a Tornado Fist on both hands, and Yusuke adopts a new fighting stance. How will this clash of these two titans end...

Full RecapEdit


Jin preparing his Tornado Fist technique

The episode starts with Jin in the air, admiring the island, which he will inherit if he wins the tournament. He swoops down and flies by Yusuke. Yusuke turns around and takes a punch to the face. He tries to counter with a kick but misses. Jin pulls out his signature move, the Tornado Fist. It is literally a tornado on his wrist. The punch misses Yusuke, but the force pushes him back, into the stadium walls. Yusuke decides to try hand to hand combat. Jin blocks everything but one punch, and goes flying. He flees into the air to recover, before Yusuke can get another hit. While he is recovering, Yusuke shoots a Spirit Gun. Jin makes a wind barrier around himself, and deflects it. On the sideline, Botan realizes that Yusuke can't get close enough to Jin to do any real damage, Jin can simply fly out of Yusuke's range. Yusuke also can't use his Spirit Gun from far away, because Jin can deflect it by creating a barrier of wind around himself. Koenma is concerned, because Jin uses his wind for both offense and defense. Jin comes down with another Tornado Fist. Yusuke doesn't even move. When Jin is at pointblank range, Yusuke fires his Spirit Gun into the Tornado. There is a huge explosion, and Yusuke is blown back next to the medical tent. Hiei tells him that Jin blocked with the Tornado Fist, by pointing it to an upwards angle, saving both of their lives. He tells Yusuke that Jin will not be fooled with such tricks. Hiei plans to take Yusuke's place whence he escapes Ruka's cage, but she warns him he can't join the fight as he is rendered inelligible. Both fighters get back in the ring. Yusuke says he wasn't trying hard to win before. Jin says he will start to try to win also, and prepares two Tornado Fists, one on each arm. Jin calls it the Double Tornado Fist. Yusuke thinks of a new strategy, and goes into a new stance. The masked fighter and Koenma both recognize it, as Genkai's Spirit Wave. They also realize that the attack could kill Yusuke...


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