Demon (hybrid)

Helen was one of the crime boss Tarukane's demon pets, the result of black market genetic engineering.


Helen was essentially a chimera. Advanced genetic science, and perhaps some dark arts, had melded together into one beast with the fearsome traits of several demons. Helen was more than twice the size of an adult African elephant.

Story SynopsisEdit

Tarukane forced the hired Younger Toguro brother to fight Helen in order to test his strength, and more importantly, his loyalty, thinking Toguro would be too cowardly to fight. Toguro said he would rather not, and Tarukane gloated, thinking that he should get a discount as he wasn't as strong as he claimed. Then Toguro enters the cage, much to Tarukane's shock. Tarukane yelled at Toguro to get out, as he didn't want to be without a bodyguard, but Younger Toguro vivisected Helen, easily (using thirty percent of his power, which was more than he used in the battle with the detectives). Afterwards he states that twenty percent probably would have done a cleaner job. However he gained no satisfaction from needlessly slaying such a creature; he saw it as a waste and apologized to her for killing her.


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