Fugaki (translates to "Decayed Starving Demons", called "Gutter Imps" in the Viz translation) are evil, dwarf-sized apparitions that surrounded the castle that the Saint Beasts were holed up in, located in the Town of Ghosts and Apparitions. They consume the souls of humans and are weaker than demons, being that they are essentially demons that are starved and hungry and who have regressed to a level below a demon.

However, they are still dangerous to humans in large numbers. They harrassed and were just about to overwhelm Yusuke and Kuwabara until Kurama and Hiei arrived, at which they fled in terror.[1]


  • The Fugaki are never seen again.
  • In the manga, Hiei and Kurama actually disguise themselves as Fugaki before revealing themselves.


  1. Yu Yu Hakusho, episode 14.

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