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The Search Begins ("The Successor to Genkai! The Tournament Begins // Genkai no Keishōsha Tournament Kaishi" 幻海の継承者トーナメント開始) is the ninth episode of season 1 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on December 5, 1992 in Japan and April 20, 2002 in the United States.


Now Yusuke has some time off to relax... just then we see Botan inform him of another mission. A powerful fighter named Genkai was about to give up her powers to someone worthy of it. Botan then explains that a demon named Randō was already informed of the situation and once he gains Genkai's power it will be trouble for everyone. So Yusuke decides to accept the mission (with a little bribe of a free rock concert ticket) and we find him climbing up a long case of stairways. Just as he reaches the top he sees hundreds of other fighters lined up too, and he realizes that this Genkai has established a competition where the winner will gain her power. Then we see Kuwabara and Yusuke notices him, Kuwabara then tells Yusuke about this powerful Genkai, and then this fighter finally reveals herself... an old woman.. shocking.

Anyway the first round is about the begin, and then everyone is asked to pick a piece of paper from one huge pot. Then Genkai tells everyone that if the paper has a dash of color red inside then they will qualify for the second round (pretty weird) then over fifty qualifies including Yusuke and Kuwabara. Genkai explains that those with enough spiritual power will make those papers turn to red and advance. Some fighters were angered by this pathetic type of elimination process and decides to attack Genkai, but Genkai just looks at them directly and a gush of spiritual power throws them out and smashes them through the gate. Stunned by this display of power Yusuke and Kuwabara gets their motivation to claim her talent. The second round begins and we see... a video game hall (you heard me right).. the types of test to be given where the punching machine, score over 100 points and you win, the rock-paper-scissors machine, and the sing-along machine.. win two out of three and you advanced to the next round. Really one weird contest, but this once again attempts to bring out the fighter's spiritual talent. Kuwabara displays his strength by scoring 129 points in the punching machine, but Yusuke makes him cry by scoring 155 points... then we see one strong guy score 175! that stuns Yusuke.

So around twenty advance to the next round, and the next challenge was to pass through a dangerous forest. Genkai explains that danger lurks all around the woods, so only the best could advance. So the fighters try their luck and exploit the forest, as some gets trapped and some continues on. Yusuke opted for the straight path and he is suddenly attacked by weird bats. The bat leader (a bat-demon) known as Baldok from now on, shows up, and threatens Yusuke to retreat or die. Yusuke, confident with his skills, decides to face the challenge, and batman displays his overwhelming speed. However Yusuke has encountered faster enemies before (namely Hiei) and easily kicks the crap out of Baldok, and advances through the woods. About three hours later seven fighters finally advances out of the forest where Genkai is waiting, and one of them is Kuwabara. Kuwabara begs to wait for a while since he was hoping Yusuke would arrive, but Genkai declines, saying the final round must go on. Just then Yusuke arrives in the nick of time and explaining he was delayed by the bat demon that blocked his way. Genkai, surprised that Yusuke defeated Baldok, one of her best defenders, allowed Yusuke to participate in the final round. So there were eight fighters that advanced... but we wonder, will Yusuke win over them, or will Kuwabara finally gain some respect? or more importantly... is Randou one of the eight survivors?


  • First appearance of Genkai

Zangief from Street Fighter behind Kuwabara

  • Zangief, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Chun-Li, Guile, and characters that resemble Ryu, Ken, and T Hawk from, the Capcom fighting game series, Street Fighter can be seen in the background.
  • Kuwabara-manga-scan

    Kuwabara's outfit in the manga

    In the manga Kuwabara wore street clothes with a baseball jersy instead of his school uniform for the entire saga.
  • This is the first episode of the Genkai Tournament Arc


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