Three Monsters is the sixth episode of season 1 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on November 14, 1992 in Japan and March 30, 2002 in the United States.


The episode starts with three criminals stealing three artifacts from Spirit World. Meanwhile, on the Human World, Yusuke is being waken up by his mother. He returns to school that day, and when he tries to join a conversation between two students, they ran away from him thinking he was a ghost. Keiko then approaches him, and he suddenly remembers the moment when she kissed him. They went to school together, and when their schoolmates saw him they got scared, for all they know he was already dead. They all ran away after he looked at them. He commented that maybe he should've stayed dead, but Kuwabara tapped his back and told him not to worry becuase he's going to be a ghost soon after he defeats him. Mr. Principal Takanaka enters the scene and hits Yusuke at the back of his head, and he gets annoyed and thinks about skipping, but Keiko scolds him.

Yusuke is next seen skipping his gym class, and he takes the Psychic Spyglass out of his pocket. He received it from Botan yesterday night. After their gym class, some of his classmate's valuables went missing, and now they are accusing him for stealing it since he skipped their gym class. Mr. Iwamoto is then seen punishing Yusuke, but Mr. Takanaka comes in and asks him for evidence. He replies and said that Yusuke is the only one skipping gym classes when the items were stolen, and add a snide comment about his mother, which enraged him, and as he was about to punch him, Koenma suddenly enters the scene and begins telling him about his first mission.

Three criminals have stolen the Artifacts of Darkness from King Enma's vault and escaped in the Human World. Yusuke replies that he's busy and calls Mr. Iwamoto with an offensive word, and suddenly stops after realizing he was standing just right in front of him, but Koenma reassures him that he doesn't see them nor hear them. He asks him if he can just call him later, but Koenma insists that it's urgent because if the artifacts were used to their potentials, then the Human World would be in a state of chaos. Yusuke still stubbornly refused, telling that he wouldn't go on a case unless he has solved his own, so Koenma asked him to take out his Psychic Spyglass and look into Mr. Iwamoto's left pocket. He did what he was told, and found all the missing items in his pocket. They came back to reality and he pulled out the pen from Mr. Iwamoto's pocket, and after seeing this Mr. Takanaka asks him to explain, but he still denied and told him that Yusuke slipped it on his pocket and walks out after that. Koenma now tells him to go to work, but he told he'll do that after he gets his revenge. Koenma teaches him of his new ability, the Spirit Gun. He fired it on Mr. Iwamoto, who fell unconcious after the hit. Having already gotten his revenge, Koenma further explains the case to Yusuke in a warehouse. He accpets the mission as a sign of gratitude to them for bring him back to life.

Yusuke begins his search for the three criminals in the town, when suddenly a kid faints. He saw the kid's spirit, and followed it. It lead him into an alley, until he lost sight of it. He spotted the criminal and used his Psychic Spyglass to check if this criminal has the Orb of Baast, and he was right. As he was about to confront him, the thugs he came across by earlier confronted him, asking for money. He beated them, but as soon as he was done beating them, the criminal is already gone.

Meanwhile on the Spirit World, an ogre presented to Koenma some information they have gathered about the three criminals. The criminals' names are Kurama, Gouki, and Hiei. Botan suddenly storms in into the room, complaining that he is placing Yusuke's life in danger, and Koenma replies that he had no choice. Botan tells him that he must allow her to train him first, but Koenma told her that Yusuke has only one week to do this, since King Enma would be returning in a week from vacation and if he finds out about this he might sink an entire continent to get those artifacts back. Botan returns to the Human World, telling Koenma that she would try to help him as much as she can.

Yusuke got into a forest while following the criminal who has the Orb of Baast when he suddenly saw a light not too far away from where he is standing. Hiei is seen practicing with the Shadow Sword, and he began talking to Gouki about raising a demon army using the sword. Gouki tells him he likes the way he thinks, and Hiei continues his talk and tells that when the moon becomes full, they will use the artifact Kurama has to get complete control, but his reply surprised the both of them. Kurama stated that he would withdraw from their alliance, so Gouki asked for the Forlorn Hope, but he refused and said he needs it to fulfill his own desire first. Gouki tries to punch him, but before he could land his punch, Yusuke enters the scene and interrupts them. Hiei interrogates him, and he introduces himself, then Hiei insults him for his currently weak spirit energy. Kurama turns to leave, and Hiei follows him, leaving only Gouki to deal with Yusuke.

The two began exchanging some words, when all of a sudden Gouki takes out the Orb of Baast and consumes the same soul Yusuke has been following earlier that day. Yusuke gets enraged and kicks him in the stomach, spitting out the soul in process, and Yusuke gives him a solid punch in the face, knocking him into the ground. He picks up the Orb of Baast, and just as when he thought he had been victorious, Gouki suddenly appears behind him and reveals his demon form. He slashes him with his claw, and then uproots a tree and swings it against him. He suddenly remembers about his Spirit Gun, and attempts to bring it out, but then realizes that he have already used it earlier that day. As Gouki approaches him, he nervously thinks about dying again.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


  • First appearance of Gouki
  • First appearance of Hiei
  • First appearance of Kurama
  • This marks Yusuke's first use of the Spirit Gun
  • This is the first episode of the Artifacts of Darkness Arc


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